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Every minute of every day, sudden cardiac arrest claims another victim. A defibrillator is a device, which administers a controlled electric shock to restore normal heart rhythm in these cases. The defibrillator administers the shock either through electrodes placed externally on the chest wall over the heart or directly to the heart after the chest has been opened surgically. An AED (Automatic External Defibrillators) is a portable device that can be to deliver an electric shock to the heart of someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

AEDs are portable, easy to use, and the key to increasing the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest victims. Having an AED within minutes of a victim could be the difference between life and death.

Soma Technology Inc, is your absolute solution for all of your new and refurbished AED and Defibrillator needs. Our trained representatives will help you through the entire process to ensure your defribillator needs are met, whether it be an new and refurbished AED, Defibrillator/Monitor with a 12-lead ECG, Pacing, NIBP, SpO2, CO2, and IBP.

Here, at Aedonsale you can buy new and refurbished AEDs and new and refurbished defribilators.

We have a large in house inventory of new and refurbished defribillators which can ship today.
We offer:
-New and Refurbished Physio Control/ Medtronic AEDs
-New and Refurbished Zoll AED's
-New and Refurbished Phillips AED's

We also offer a large variety of accessories of the top brands of the industry like Phillips, Physio, and Zoll that you need to use your AED and Defribillators. Go to our extensive AED and defribillator Accesories Zone


Soma Technology, Inc. offers a full range of new and refurbished defibrillators to help improve survival outcomes when sudden cardiac arrest occurs. Our defibrillators are refurbished to assure the manufacturer's highest levels of quality and performance. Should you require to purchase any AED, manual, Biphasic, or Monophasic defibrillator, Soma will offer you quality new and refurbished products at affordable prices.

      • Experience & Reliability: With nearly 20 years of experience, Soma Technology is the leader in the refurbished medical equipment industry.
      • Large Inventory & Quality Products: we provide a one-stop-shop platform allowing our customers to compare among major models and manufactures.
      • In House Biomedical Engineering Department: we proudly employ the largest team of biomedical engineers in the industry
      • Customer Service: Our customer service is known to be one of the best in the industry by providing friendly, timely and accurate service.
      • Parts & Warranty: Only we can guarantee up to 5 years of parts availability for all the products we sell. All of our products are accompanied by an standard warranty and extensive liability insurance.

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Our extensive library of service manuals, large inventory of parts and highly trained, in-house biomedical engineers have allowed Soma Technology, Inc. to set the standard for technical refurbishment of medical equipment. Our refurbished AEDs and refurbished defribillators receive the top of the line treatment:

Technical Refurbishment:
      • Initial physical check, unit is cleaned off and batteries are replaced.
      • Using the latest testing equipment, all equipment parameters and conditions are functionally verified.
      • Any and all parts or components that are not performing properly are replaced and/or repaired.
      • Unit is reassembled and undergoes further testing and calibration. All accessories, peripherals and modules commonly with the equipment are introduced so overall operation and effectiveness can be verified.
      • Every replacement, testing and servicing are properly recorded under the equipment history log.
      • Approval by the quality control department

Cosmetic Refurbishment:
      • Equipment is inspected for any wear and tear
      • Units are primed, sanded and painted
      • Use of AFC paint booth for perfect results
      • The end product is completely blemish free

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